Ali Lohan Moves to South Korea to Model

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Ali Lohan, of the ever-dysfunctional Lohan clan is perhaps best known for her Gumby-esque growth spurt last year that left lots of people speculating about whether or not she was anorexic/ill/crazy/the same person.

Despite that, she’s still the most functional of the lot, and is moving to South Korea with several other models from her agency, Next models, to pursue her modeling career.

She’s also recently chopped her hair in to a short bob, and nearly always ventures out in public looking barefaced and natural—a far cry from her sister Lindsay’s caked and bleached thing.

In explanation for the many “Why?!”’s that followed the news, The Daily Mail offered this: “Young Western girls are much in demand from advertisers in Asia, with many aspiring models trying to find work there.”

So just as Western designers like Chanel and Stella McCartney are starting to embrace Asian models like Liu Wen and Ming Xi, Asia is turning to Western girls more and more. Ah, irony.
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