Exclusive Q&A with ANTM Winner Sophie Sumner

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Sophie Sumner was named America’s Next Top Model victor last week. The show’s 18th cycle was themed British Invasion, so it’s only fitting that the UK model walked with the top prize.

Besides her new CoverGirl campaign and modeling contracting with Storm Models, what do we know about the newest Top Model? Modamob sits down with Sophie Sumner.

ModaMob: What was going through your head when you were announced the winner?
Sophie Sumner: It was craziness. I was like "no way, really me!!??". I honestly thought Laura had this in the bag. I even told her before the final, so I was utterly shocked!!

MM: Who was the first person you called after you won?
SS: We weren't allowed to tell anyone we had won!! When the final aired all my friends said I should be in [Mission Impossible 5] because I was so good at keeping it a secret for so long!!

MM: Were you sad to hear the judges were leaving?
SS: Of course!! It is the end of an era. But they all have the brightest futures, and I am sure a gazillion new projects that they will work on! So it is all positive!

MM: Do you still keep in touch with other contestants? What about with Tyra?
SS: Yes, I have spoken to some of the girlies...there has been a lot of love and support from the most of them! I haven't heard from Tyra, but it is early days. I heard from Kelly the second they announced I had won!!! She’s a legend!

MM: What was your reaction when you saw yourself for the first time in the Covergirl commercial?
SS: I think my eyes were closed to be honest, it is so hard to hear you voice on the TV!! But I liked it, and I liked Laura's too!

MM: Who is your dream designer to work with?
SS: Oh, I have a long list!! Too many to mention: I love Alice Temperley of London and [Alexander] McQueen. Wow, those would be amazing!

MM: Who is your fashion inspiration? Is it a designer or celebrity?
SS: My friends - they inspire me everyday with what they put together. Also Edie Sedgwick from the 60s - I love that era. And Mossy, I love Kate Moss - she is timeless!

MM: Let's talk about your pink hair. Will you keep the look?
SS: Hopefully!! Its bloomin’ hard to maintain! I’m blonde at the moment, but will definitely go back pink!!

MM: What was your favorite photo-shoot during ANTM?
SS: Oh my gosh, too many seriously, but Cover Girl was pretty emotional and amazing! All-in-all, an experience I will never forget…
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