Fendi Remembers Amy Winehouse

July 26, 2011 By:
Fendi Remembers Amy Winehouse

After Amy Winehouse released her Back to Black album in 2006, she became the muse of Karl Lagerfeld. That’s a huge honor!

During the 2007 Chanel runway show, models walked the runway with Amy’s trademark beehive hair.

At the time of the show Karl said, "She's a style icon."

Amy also performed at the store opening for Fendi and once again Karl sang her praises saying: "She’s not only a muse; she’s a genius. She’s one of the greatest voices today."

Fendi has released a statement regarding the death of Amy Winehouse that reads: "We met Amy in Paris, fresh from having won five Grammys. That night, everyone discovered that in addition to a genius voice Amy also had an exceptional and very British sense of humor. Having restyled the Fendi dress she was wearing that night, she said with a wink: ‘Forgive my ignorance, I don’t know anything about fashion….’ We are very sad for the loss of such a unique talent that in many ways transcended music, fashion, and culture."

Meanwhile, friends and family gathered to pay their final respects to Amy as she was cremated in London today.