Secret Behind Angelina Jolie's Perfect Complexion

August 31, 2012 By:

Every wonder what kind of tiger blood and alien venom Angelina Jolie subsists on to look like the mannequin that she is?

She follows a weird voodoo tradition of injecting something called Dragon’s blood! Gasp! The Witchery!

Kidding, almost, she actually uses a product called Dragon’s Blood and it’s reportedly being referred to as the “Liquid Facelift.”

Dragon Blood is a popular facial gel by beauty brand Rodial. It adds essential volume to hollow skin.

Think of it as juvederm fillers without the needles.

Celebrity facialist Nuz Shugga, who works with Rachel Weisz and Amanda Seyfried, says that it’s the key to Angelina's youthful appearance, “Angelina needs to keep her skin plump and hydrated to maintain the youthful radiance she is famed for.”

So what is Dragon’s blood, because it’s obviously not from the blood of a dragon…it’s not, is it?

Dragon’s blood is made from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree (drago tree sap aka Dragon Blood…get it? Get it!).

Apparently it sold out in the UK when the product first launched earlier this year.

“Before now the only way to counteract these unattractive symptoms, was to inject fillers into the cheek to restore the original plumpness of the face,” says a statement for the brand.