Loose talk with Jean Paul Gaultier: Anna Wintour is "Monstrous"

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Jean Paul Gaultier, the former creative director of Hermes, just publicly insulted Anna Wintour.

Here's exactly what Paul Gaultier said about Voque's editor in chief, Anna Wintour.

In an interview with The Independent, Gaultier was talking about his favorite fashion films and of course "The Devil Wears Prada" came up in discussion. Though he thinks that Meryl Streep who portrayed an Anna Wintour-like character played it too nice.

"Anna Wintour is a lot more monstrous than she is described!" says Gaultier.

And then when the journalist asked if she was a positive figure in fashion, he just responded, "She is a figure."

Word on the street and common perception of Anna Wintour is that she is THE Ice Queen, but you don't say it outloud! It's something you joke about after repeat viewings of "The Devil Wears Prada" but if you're a French designer who hopes his future collections will be well reviewed by Voque, you don't talk smack about Anna Wintour.

That's like in, the fashion bible, right?

Gaultier seemed to be letting off steam because he was very loose lipped for the remainder of the interview.

After trashing Wintour, he defends John Galliano. The same Galliano who was fired from Dior for making racial slurs and getting in bar fights, yah that John Galliano.

"I think it is completely sad that he doesn't have his own label anymore. I think it's bad," says Gaultier. "I know John a little and I must say that what he does for his work shows he is not a racist. It [the scandal] is something that happened and is beyond him. It's maybe because of drugs, because of alcohol, all that mixed together...he didn't think about what he said."

1) Calls Wintour "monstrous" 2) defends Galliano ..sorry I'm just keeping track. Oh but he has only kind words for Lady Gaga.

He calls her "fabulous." Of course he loves Lady Gaga. Everyone does. She could wear barbed wire and a used UPS box and people would call her a genius.

However, after giving the interview to The Independent he spoke to Ultimo Secundo, a news outlet in Brazil and says that while he loves Gaga she is no Madonna.

"Nobody can be like Madonna. [Lady Gaga] does things that Madonna has already done. Madonna is also very beautiful. She can be a blonde, a redhead, black-haired. Lady Gaga can't do it."

Finally! Someone said it! No-one seems to want to address the Lady-Gaga-is-a-Madonna-poseur topic. While I can't tell if maybe Gaultier is just saying that Gaga can't pull off a red-wig, either way, I'll take it. Write this in your notebooks, Gaultier thinks Madonna is better than Gaga.

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