Georgio Armani Says No One Can Replace Him

December 1, 2011 By:

At 77 years old, Italian fashion designer Georgio Armani, might finally be poised to retire, but the Armani head thinks there is no one person who can fill his void, he claims not even a "genius" could fill his spot.

In an interview with Germany's Die Zeit magazine he said, "There will be many small Armanis in my company to continue my work, but there will be no genius capable of taking on all this. That would mean defrauding myself and my seriousness. For another ego, there is obviously no room here," says Armani.

Don't you love it when the aging fashion designers talk out loud? Hands down, the most egocentric gems come from the mouths of Georgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, and Roberto Cavalli. Give those guys a microphone and watch the claws come out.

Armani also says that he hates Hollywood. Yes, HATES it.

"I hate it. All relationships have been replaced by business. Hollywood really wants my clothes, but it is not Armani's world. In general, it [Hollywood] is less and less interested in fashion trends."

He may hate Hollywood, but his work is hugely popular in Los Angeles.

Armani also bashes old people, because why not, he's on a roll.

"Fashion is made for young people, not for older gentlemen," says the designer who could very well be described as an "older gentleman."

In other Armani news, Armani may hate Hollywood, but the design house chooses Hollywood's freshest faces to front its label. After using Megan Fox as the brands spokesperson, she has been replaced by Rihanna as the new face of the label.

Rihanna has also unveiled a fashion line for Armani that she created. Well, someone created it for her and she said, "yeah, looks good," but for all intents-and-purposes Rihanna debuted her first capsule collection for Emporio Armani Underwear.

The collection for Armani is composed of Leather jackets, skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, and t-shirts with animal prints and silhouettes of RiRi's face. The Rihanna collection features the Armani logo with an "R" emblazzoned over the brands signature eagle.

Also, because this is Rihanna we're talking about it's no surprise that she also launched some undergarments for the collection. They include navy blue and grey lace underwear and bra's, and I'm sure Rihanna probably wears them as outerwear while she frolics in fields in Ireland. Kidding, but not really.