Audrina Patridge Leaves Bongo to Become Her Own Designer

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Audrina Patridge Leaves Bongo to Become Her Own Designer
I'm sorry did I say Audrina Patridge? I mean to say Lauren Conrad. Lauren Con-wait, no? Audrina Patridge is going to be a designer too? Yes, that's actually correct. Audrina Patrdige has put her burgeoning acting career on hold to design clothes, no not clothes, just bikinis and lingerie.

The Hills alumnus and poster child for wearing bikinis year-round has said that she's leaving her post as spokes model for Bongo after two years with the company because she wants to focus on her own designs.

Patridge talks about her departure from Bongo:

“Nothing lasts forever, so it's all good. It's been two years, so it's almost like a little family. The whole crew has been amazing - they made it really fun for me to work with them and travel. They were always so creative and they always made it special,” say Patridge.

As for her newfound design career, she says, “I'm already looking into either lingerie or bikinis. I'm really excited about that.”

Who knows what style her new design line will look like, but she tells People mag all about her personal style tips for Holiday parties and it seems like she likes lots of sparkles and lots of glitter.

“[Festive] clothes are all about sparkles. You have to be festive. If you're going to dress up or you're going to decorate, you go all the way. I'll always add sparkly jewelry and red lips,” says Patridge.

She also adds, “Whether it's a sequin dress or sequin skirt, or leggings or something like that, it's fun. You can get away with making it a little more funky,” says the reality star.

Before Audrina left Bongo, one of her last gigs was several nights ago where she donned a sexy red “Santa” costume, which appeared to be an altered red Herve Leger dress with white fur trim. She was flanked on both sides with two buff shirtless dudes in Santa Hats, because nothing says “Bongo” and “Christmas” like two hot guys and a girl in a cute dress.

Another former Hills girl who doles out Holiday fashion advice is Lauren Conrad.

“During Holidays parties I end up recycling a lot of my cocktail dresses, and just wearing a layering piece, like a blazer and tights, with it,” Lauren told Fab Sugar earlier this month.

“You're going to a lot of holidays parties” says Conrad, “but you want to look festive and still put together.”
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