Audrina Patridge Reveals Makeup Free Face

April 3, 2012 By:

Audrina Patridge strips down for, just her make-up, not her clothes (Wuddup one guy who got misdirected to this site accidentally), for those kind of photos, google “Audrina Partridge Beach” and enjoy yourself for a few hours.

Anyways, in one of xojanes famous make-unders, the website decided to strip Audrina of all her heavy eyeliner, smoky eyes, and faux bronzer. And while some stars look wrecked without their make-up, Audrina looks ah-mah-zing!

For her face, they only used three products on her! Cream based foundation, clear mascara, and lip liner. That's it! It wasn't like they used nude eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, and really expensive fake lashes to create the illusion of “make-up free," she is basically make-up free.

Patridge told xojane that she hardly wears any make-up anymore.

“I don't use too much when I go out, I don't put too much face makeup on, but I do my eyes up to make my eyes pop more. If I don't do my eyes, it's with red lipstick or hot pink or a dark plum.”

However, her makeup artist says it usually takes 45 minutes to do her super heavy make-up application.

“I'll use twenty to thirty products: several eye shadows, three or four brushes, a highlighter, a concealer, foundation, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, powder, lashes…and so on,” says her make-up artist Spencer Barnes of Solo Artist/NARS.

So really, Audrina is STILL wearing a ton of make-up. Her hair usually takes two-hours to do!

“I usually blow dry it with a round brush and set it in rollers, then curl it with a curling iron, then loosen the curl. Yup. About two hours,” says her hairstylist Jonathan Hanousek.