Avril Lavigne to Present her Line Abbey Dawn at NY Fashion Week

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Avril Lavigne to Present her Line Abbey Dawn at NY Fashion Week
Avril Lavigne used to wear mens ties, socks on her arms, and safety pins as earrings. Now she's a fashion designer. Go figure.

Avril will present her latest collection from her Abbey Dawn clothing line at New York Fashion Week on September 12. Abbey Dawn was originally created in collaboration with Kohl's but now the line retails exclusively on her website.

Although the brand consists of zip up hoodies and prints of skulls, somehow this is worthy for New York Fashion Week. Avril says she's so "super honored" to be included in fashion week that she's flying in from Europe just to do the show.

"I've done a fashion show there before and it's, like, kind of a really big deal. I'm on tour in Europe but I made sure I can do it. I have two hours to do it, then I leave. I fly for like 24 hours but it's really important and I'm super honored."

Avril says her personal style has evolved over time, "I like to dress with rock 'n' roll elements and be casual. I like jeans with rips and skulls, but now I wear more flattering pieces. I would never have worn heels or tight trousers before, or dresses. Today, though, I enjoy it. I've grown up," she says.

"When I was younger, I dressed skater and had that whole thing going on. But as I grew up, I eventually started wearing heels and dresses. Over time, fashion choices change. Now that I'm older and have a fashion line, I'm more into fashion," says the singer.

As her own style broadens, her brand has also expanded into, "heels [and] footwear. And now I have men's stuff so it feels complete. It's my brand, it's my baby. It's the first time it's a full collection of everything, outside of clothing. There are so many different categories."

In other celebs turned designer news, Nicole Richie will be making her mark on fashion on the opposite coast. On September 8th in LA, Nicole will be co-hosting the Beverly Center's Fashion's Night Out events. Nicole will be co-hosting with Vogue's Lisa Love and Mayor Villaraigosa, who I wasn't aware was that into fashion.

Nicole will be hosting one of two runway shows that night and a portion of the proceeds from shoppers will go to charity. Aww spending money for a cause!

Fashion Night Out takes place all over the world in an attempt to boost the fashion industry's economy and this year the face of FNO is the entire cast of Glee. The TV song and dance kids just debuted a music video to promote the event.
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