Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Show

September 28, 2012 By:
Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Show

When Balenciaga’s first model hit the runway I may have softly breathed an audible praise of “Yes…” at my computer screen.

In a perfectly fitted pair of simple black trousers paired with a stark white tank top bustier, what had me softly sighing into the blank white page I’m typing this on wasn’t just merely because both pieces were tailored to a modern T (I mean, it was that too, naturally), it was also because it had me thinking, “Yes…I get this woman.”

That’s a few and far between quality to not just see, but also feel, during these string of international fashion weeks. What designer Nicolas Ghesquiere does with this smartly restrained collection, whether they were sharp blazers or skirts with those unexpected and sculptural asymmetrical hemlines, is ground them all in reality.

Balenciaga is here to dress women who aren’t necessarily sanguine about fashion nor cynically rejectionist of it either. In other words, the majority of women we know.

The show had a thread of this in every dress and separate—there were low cut crop tops, squared off jackets, tweed mini skirts, lace blouses, and pantsuits that were all super refined, sexy, and confident in its own self-assured Balenciaga way.