Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga Fall 2012 Collection Unveiled

March 1, 2012 By:
Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga Fall 2012 Collection Unveiled

Balenciaga kicks off Paris Fall 2012 Fashion Week with a bizarre collection that I highly doubt we’re going to see much of on the red carpet, except for maybe by Lady Gaga.

Even though famous faces like Kristen Stewart and Salma Hayek showed up for the runway show that took place on the 27th floor of an office tower in a Parisian business complex, the entire collection wasn't wow-worthy.

I felt like the whole collection took place in a 1980’s imagining of the future. Lot’s of boxy tuxedo jackets with asymmetrical buttoning that looked like they were built out of satiny foam. Shiny slacks that honestly looked like scrubs. Neon wrap shirts that felt like kimonos were wound loosely around models.

Translucent dresses in fuchsia and purple were topped with oversized jackets in stiff, structural shapes. White tea-length skirts were paired with puffy neon zebra print sweaters.

Some of the most memorable (still deciding if it’s memorable in a good way) items in the collection consisted of oversized crew neck sweatshirts, well the designer equivalent of a crew-neck sweatshirts with bizarre 80’s inspired images and captions that read, “Join A Weird Trip” and “Out Of The Blue.”

Anyways, at the least, the collection was an eyeful and very colorful to look at. Also, Kristen Stewart is the new face of Balenciaga, so I’m excited to see what designs she’ll be contractually forced to rock on a red carpet.