5 Tips for Taking Selfies

May 1, 2013 By:
5 Tips for Taking Selfies


Selfies make the world go ‘round! Taking the most flattering image of yourself isn't the easiest thing in the world though.

What’s your good side? Why do I look completely washed out? Here, we’ll help you take matters into your own hands (literally) and offer our tips for taking the best double-tap-worthy selfies!

The most important thing is lighting! Natural lighting is always more flattering than indoor lighting. Ever wonder why car selfies turn out the best? The sunlight! Face the sun for the best results, having the sun behind you increases shadows. Think flashlight under the face campfire effect, no one wants that. 

Second tip— find your good side, then stick with it. Take pics of both sides of your face and choose a winner. Also, a head tilt is key. Sunlight, your good side, a little tilt, we’re almost there!

The front-facing camera has a lower resolution than the regular one and also doesn’t have a flash. Leave the front facing for FaceTime and use the reverse with flash. You can also use the Volume Up button on your phone AND headphones as a shutter button. Classy, right?

Last tip, find a signature pose and do it over and over, who cares? If you look the same in each pic, hey, it's YOUR face! What do you expect? Find your very own Kim K pout or Bieber squint! Don't take it too seriously; it’s all in fun. Except the lighting part, that’s pretty serious.