DIY Hair Conditioning Treatment With Olive Oil

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The Style Network has released several Kitchen remedy DIY beauty secrets, where you can make some simple beauty products using items you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet.

They give these tips to control split-ends and fly-aways in your hair.

"If you are suffering from split ends, go straight for the kitchen. The best remedy for split ends, is good old olive oil."

You can do one of two things with olive oil. First, you can smooth out split ends but rubbing some olive oil into the ends of your hair, to temporarily repair the dry tips of your hair and smooth out fly-aways.

Or you can use olive oil as a deep conditioning treatment. If you want to condition your hair, follow these steps.

"If you're looking for a deep conditioning treatment," says Style Network, "saturate the ends-only of your hair in olive oil, set your timer for 10 minutes, let the olive oil sit in and really penetrate [the hair]."

After the olive oil has set in for 10 minutes, put on an old-fashioned shower cap to lock in moisture. "When you hop into the shower with this, the steam is going to lock in all that moisture and open up you hair follicles and let the olive oil really penetrate your hair, and what you're left with is beautiful shiny hair," says the video.

1) Saturate ends of hair in olive oil
2) Let it sit in for 10 minutes
3) Take a shower wearing a shower cap
4) Wash out hair

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