Beyonce's "Obama" Bling a Fashionable Hit

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Beyonce\'s \"Obama\" Bling a Fashionable Hit
If you like it then you should of put an earring on it.

Beyoncé stepped out voicing her early vote for the President’s reelection this November in a pair of golden support hanging from the singer’s ears. Beyoncé blinged it to us loud and clear last week in Tribeca when she was snapped with the golden “Obama” hoops from Puerto Rican jewelry designer Erika Peña. They’re a fashion statement, all right!

And since they surfaced, Erika has been swamped with orders in the 1,300s as of this writing for the $32 handmade pro-Obama jewelry, which are available in both gold and silver. Like much of Beyoncé’s own work, these are also definitely a hit.

Erika told TMZ that before Beyoncé rocked them, there had only been five pairs that sold, but now she’s getting requests from not just the U.S., but international customers like Argentina, Canada, Chili, Sweden, Switzerland, and England.

Originally made for herself, Erika and her team sent them to Bey’s longtime stylist Ty Hunter who she had worked with before to pass on to Beyoncé. Who knows who’s next? Scarlett Johansson? Eva Longoria? Michelle Obama?!?

“We would all die, literally die, if the First Lady wore a pair,” Erika confessed to the Hollywood Reporter. (In case you’re a Romney support, no, Erika isn’t interested in fashioning his name to a hoop any time soon or ever.)

Surely Beyonce is hoping this popularity translates into ballots. She’s been a vocal supporter of the “O” during the campaign trail (remember when she messaged those on the Obama mailing list with the subject line “I don’t usually don’t email you”?). In addition to that open letter, the “Party” singer has also attended and performed at various dinners and fundraisers for the President, one of which raised $4 million.

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