Beyonce's Pregnancy Style: Love It or Hate It?

December 29, 2011 By:

For some pregnant women, having a baby is an excuse to wear overalls for the next 9 months. However, when you are are famous, that's NOT an option. You must rock stilettos, you must dress as if you don't have a watermelon growing underneath that sequined wrap dress, and you must carry an even larger handbag - to make your weird body proportions make sense, of course.  

Beyonce began her pregnancy fashion in an orange Lanvin gown when she walked the red carpet at the 2011 VMA's and announced she was pregnant by cupping her belly. The dress was long and flowy and hid her belly, so we can hardly call it pregnancy style - this was just the start. 

Beyonce then stepped out in a blue sequined mini-dress that was soo short, I might as well call it a micro-dress. She paired the glittery dress with a shinny blazer as she launched her fragrance, "Pulse" at the Dream Downtown in NYC. This outfit proves that even if you have to hide you belly you can still show off your legs. 

She rocked a Roberto Cavalli black gown to a screening in NY of her "Live at Roseland" DVD. The black floor length gown features gold detailing and a very pregnant Beyonce, but they say wearing black is slimming and Queen B still looked as slim as about 7 months pregnant can look.  

B attended the launch of her and her mother's House of Dereon collection in London and Beyonce wore sequined pants and a sequined blazer that hid her belly and also distracted us with how sparkly her outfit was. Speaking of House of Dereon, this outfit was from her own collection and even though Beyonce did not design the collection with her belly in mind, she admits it's actually worked as maternity wear, "What I'm wearing today is part of the collection and its not supposed to be, but it actually is really good for the maternity," says Beyonce. 

At the opening of the Tory Burch store in NY, Beyonce wore a dress with stomach cut-outs. That's daring! To be pregnant but show off your stomach, that takes guts! Beyonce wore the black Michael Kors dress in style like, "Pregnancy What?"

Beyonce showed up to NY Fashion Week in a confusing dress. Not gonna lie, the dress was a little bit CRAY CRAY as it consisted of a tulle poof for a skirt, topped with a leather strapless bustier. The whole thing was cream colored, but hey, it hid her bump. The too-short dress at least confusingly distracts from her growing belly.