Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2011

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2011 has been a big year for fashion. There was Natalie Portman’s pretty purple pregnancy muumuu, Beyonce’s sequined VMA birth announcement outfit, and of course, Jessica Alba’s chic mommy street wear.

Come to think of it, 2011 has been a big year for pregnancies, too. Either way, wherever there’s good fashion, you can bet there’s bad fashion, too. And here are the ten biggest fashion disasters of 2011.

Helena Bonham-Carter, Golden Globes: Well, no surprise that Helena made this list, she lives for standing out from the red carpet crowd. And if that means she’s gotta wear two different colored shoes, then dammit, that’s what she’s gonna do. That’s called commitment.

Bonham-Carter showed up to the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards wearing an ill-fitted Vivienne Westwood dress and one green shoe with one red shoe. Girl, I’m indecisive, too, but come on, now. Pick a color!

Princess Beatrice, Royal Wedding: Sarah Ferguson wasn’t invited to the royal wedding, and this is how she got revenge. Princess Beatrice, Duchess Fergie’s daughter, showed up to Prince William & Kate’s Royal Wedding wearing a sculpture of a vagina on her head. It was called a “fascinator” but it was more like a “WTF-inator.”

Katy Perry, MTV Video Music Awards: Not to be outdone by Princess Beatrice, Katy Perry wore the year’s ugliest fascinator. Katy Perry stepped out to the 2011 Video Music Awards wearing what can only be described as a block of cheese on her head. You look at that picture and tell me that’s not a block of cheese. I dare you.

Anne Hathaway, ‘Rio’ Premiere: Anne Hathaway showed up to the premiere of the animated flick, Rio wearing the biggest pair of Urban Outfitters hipster glasses she could find. Those things were so big, she could actually see Rio de Janeiro from the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez, The Summertime Ball: Thanks to J.Lo’s outfit at London’s Summertime Ball, Amazonian pythons are now endangered. Lopez wore head-to-toe snakeskin, including thigh high boots.

Nicki Minaj, iHeartRadio: Nicki is known for her wild fashion, but she outdid herself at the iHeartARdio event. Nicki showed up on the red carpet wearing a big necklace that looked like pink petrified poop. It was actually a replica chicken wing, but I don’t really think that makes it any better.

Lady Gaga, France: Lady Gaga showed up on the French TV show Taratata wearing a printed Versace shirt, psychedelic pants, and giant black Frankenstein platforms. She also donned long, blue Mermaid hair. It was like the Crayola factory melted on her body.

Mischa Barton, Cannes ‘Hey guys! I found Waldo!’ After visiting the Cannes Film Festival, Mischa Barton showed up at the airport wearing red pants, a red striped top, and big oversized red glasses. Looks like she’s still tokin’ up!

Beyonce, Met Gala: I hate to put Beyonce on this list, but when you can’t move in your dress, it’s kind of a fashion blunder. Beyonce showed up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in New York City wearing a dress so tight, she needed help up and down the stairs.

Kim Kardashian, The E! Wedding Special: This was a controversial one. Kim’s dress and makeup were beautiful, but she kind of killed it with that headpiece she wore. I guess she was going for old Hollywood glam, but this is 2011. And you’re broadcasting it on E! Come on.
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