Blake Lively Says Louboutin Handpicks Her Shoes

February 2, 2012 By:

I’m jealous. When Blake Lively wants to wear Louboutin heels she just emails Christian Louboutin himself like, “Yo, I’m wearing skinny jeans and this red top. What shoes do you want to give me?” and then Christian goes through his epic shoe warehouse and gives her shoes. So so so jealous.

Blake tells the most recent issue of Elle, “When I’m going to an event, I’ll send Christian a picture of my outfit and say, ‘What shoes do you think I should wear with this?’”

Hahhaa that’s so normal! Everyone has Christian Louboutin in their speed dial, just the other day I was going to an event and I sent Karl Lagerfeld a picture of my sunglasses and I was like, “What tweed jacket should I wear with this?” and he was like, “Oh mah gawwd, do NOT pair thoze with anyzing!” So great being friends with designers, Blake knows what I’m talking about.

So basically, Christian Louboutin is Blake Lively’s personal stylist. Do you feel lame when you were deciding between flats and ugg boots this morning? Yeah, Blake just texts Louboutin for advice, no big deal.

It’s no surprise that Blake Lively and Christian are like best friends. She attended the 20th anniversary party of the brand in November and revealed that she has so many pairs of the red-soled heels that “it’s embarrassing.” Blake also admitted that she will buy up to 40 pairs of Louboutin’s at one time.

Is it embarrassing that Blake Lively is balling out of control? No, never. Have we established how jealous I am yet?

At the same event, Blake was asked which pair of Louboutin’s is her favorite and she responds, “That’s like asking a mother who their favorite child is! I love them all,” says Lively.

Okay, they are GREAT shoes, but they are not babies, let’s not get carried away Lively.