Chanel No. 5 and Brad Pitt Parodied by SNL

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As we saw in Chanel No. 5’s latest campaign, Brad Pitt has a way with words. A way with making them up or whatever—proof that man will literally say anything if you give it $7 million, or so explains one of the four parody ads from “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend.

They’re not far off the mark. The gray-and-white Chanel No.5 commercials, of which SNL cast member Taran Killam based his impression, features a fake Brad speaking in a riddles of the universe monotone, reading from a script seemingly written off a template of Mad Libs, and looking like a caveman in a collared shirt.

Of course, the funniest part being that not many liberties were taken by the sketch comedy show from the original ads.

“I’m sorry, is there really no script,” Taran as Brad asks off-the-cuff, inquiring what we all were wondering about the No. 5 commercials this entire time.

“You want me to sound less coherent? Really? Oh, well, okay, I can just start making up words?” he adds with an exasperated tone. Poor Brad. Maybe Chanel could’ve cut a million off that pay day and extended it to someone with a dictionary.

Other products that received the Brad Pitt endorsement treatment in SNL spoof fashion included Taco Bell, condoms for dogs, and the “subway doctor.” I won’t bother explaining the last two (that’ll just make me sound incoherent), but “Brad” does a pretty good job making sense of them above.
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