The Second Commercial of Chanel No. 5 Starring Brad Pitt is Here

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Brad Pitt continues his new life’s mission to not just spritz the female race with Chanel No. 5, but the entire universe.

This appears to be the coveted demographic anyway (every animal, plant, and alien species) in the first and now second installment of these ambiguous science fiction-ish Chanel commercials where Brad stares into the camera like it’s Ms. Cleo’s crystal ball while he reads from a script based on your horoscope this morning.

In the second commercial, Brad says the exact same lines from the first commercial, but maybe it’s a clone? I honestly can’t confidently discern the narrative/tone these ads are going for and am just trying my hardest to spice it up for you. Part two, titled “Wherever I Go,” opens with a vamp dark-haired femme fatale floating in a glass bedroom as she looks down upon a city nightscape (sorta Malificent, very Angie) before cutting to a smiling blonde tip-toeing across a body of glistening water (sorta glowing like a women who’s just been proposed to, very Jen) and then cutting to a weary Brad stuck in this space-time-continuum-vacuum of a love triangle.

"It's not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on," Brad recites with a monotone that’s hypnotic in a soap opera actor sort of way. “The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams takeover. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5, inevitable.”

Now that you’ve seen the second ad, what’s your fully formed opinion about the campaign overall? Art? Or overrated?
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