Bristol Palin: I Haven't Lost Any Weight

October 4, 2010 By:
Bristol Palin: I Haven't Lost Any Weight

Everyone assumed that Bristol Palin was gonna end up losing a lot of weight because Kelly Osbourne did when she was a contestant on DWTS.

However, Bristol reveals that she hasn't really lost any weight from dancing.

“I haven’t really noticed a change in [my body],” Palin said. “I think most people lose weight [on the show] because they’re too stressed out to eat. I haven’t had that problem!”

Someone's a bit cocky! She also revealed that having her family in the audience helped her with her routine because it was comforting seeing familiar faces.

“I think [having her there] totally helped — like, looking over and seeing her and my little sister was great,” she said.

We shall see if Bristol improves with her dance steps on the show tonight. Do you guys think she will make it to the finals?