Britney Spears Launches New Fragrance - Fantasy Twist

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Britney Spears has just launched her one millionth fragrance. Yaeee a lifetime supply of something for everyone!

Jokes aside, Britney has just launched her 11th fragrance and it features a combination of two of her most beloved signature fragrances “Fantasy” and “Midnight Fantasy.” The new fragrance will be called “Fantasy Twist.”

It’s not like she poured two fragrances into the same bottle, it’s two separate bottles, sold as one. Think of it as two for the price of one!

“With Britney Spears Fantasy Twist, I wanted to combine two of my favorite fragrances into a sophisticated bottle, giving my fans the power to choose the scent the desire at any given moment,” said Britney.

Fantasy is a fruity fragrance and hints of Britney’s favorite white florals. Midnight Fantasy is a seductive fragrance with notes of exotic fruits, and a rich woody musk.

The new fantasy twist bottle interlocks two separate but complementary fantasies in one polished design and comes in a delicate fuchsia and blue orb.

It’s for the woman who wants the freedom of two intoxicating scents in the convenience of a single, unique bottle. Choose your scent, at the twist of a bottle.

The fragrance will be available October 2012.
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