2009 Golden Globe Disasters!

January 12, 2009 By:

With all of the stylists and hair and makeup teams, not to mention some of the best clothes to choose from, it’s amazing how many stars just seem to miss the mark! Lets take a look at some of the Globes worst dressed!

Renee Zellweger- What went wrong? The always-pretty Renee looked like she was channeling Hello Dolly in this sheer, matronly outfit. She definitely gets the award for worst dressed!

Blake Lively- Although in Nina Ricci, this Gossip Girl proves it takes a lot of money to look bad. The gown, and slit were trying way to hard to look sexy. She let down Young Hollywood, as she looked common and not so elegant.

Drew Barrymore- Holy Poodle Batman! We’re sort of on the fence with Drew’s look. WE don’t know if we love it or hate it but one thing that’s for sure is that the hairspray from Drew's ridiculous up do was probably causing the movie star to tear. Barrymore was channeling a Bon Jovi concert fan with her ridiculous quaff. Although we love John Galliano, the look overall might have been too much.

Miley Cyrus- Although we are pleased the teen queen did not go too trendy, her dress was boring and looked like a maternity outfit. Paired with the world’s most creepy accessory (her father) Miley let down legions of fans in her boring outfit.

Cameron Diaz- Although it was Chanel Haute Couture, the Cameron-ator looked like she was drowning in a pink garbage bag. We’ve seen better from Cam and we were pretty disappointed that she didn’t even bother washing her hair for the big occasion.

Glenn Close- The veteran actress looked more like a Siegfried and Roy look-alike, as she strolled the red carpet. We think the only Fatal Attraction she had was with her stylist.

Don't hate us, for our harsh critiques; love us for trying to make the red carpet a better place.