Lindsay Lohan's Hair Evolution

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Lindsay Lohan\'s Hair Evolution
Remember "My Little Ponies" and how their hair was shiny and iridescent and looked like fishing wire? That's what Lindsay Lohan’s hair looks like now.

Lindsay was spotted leaving a hair salon in LA yesterday with approximately 5 strands of hair on her head. Obviously that's an exaggeration, but she just bleached her already blonde hair again and looks like she's losing all her hair.

With her white hair touching her ass and practically glowing because it's so white, it's like she's begging to be cast as "the dead girl" in any horror film. Can M. Night Shyamalan put her in anything? She'd be great as a ghost or an elf.

Her hair is so bleached out now, that the ends are basically invisible. Can that happen? "Yes" said God in a statement.

Let's work backwards, taking a look at Lindsay's evolution from bleached haired near-baldy to back when she was an actual red head.

On August 20th she appeared at Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding with white/yellow hair. It was like she was trying to control the my-little-pony-pony effect by putting "straw" colored toner on it.

Lindsay stepped out in NYC during the week of August 13 with albino mermaid hair, it was so shiny and white blonde that I'm sure Gaga was trying to pull it off her scalp and use it as a wig.

Back in April, Lindsay attended a press conference for her would-be Gotti film with gold root and light brown highlights and was kind of rocking a blonde version of the ombre look. Dark at the roots, light at the bottom.

In January of 2011, Lindsay had gold hair, to match the color of her bronzy skin. We were getting back to her darker hues.

In 2010 she had a brief stint with black hair when she covered Complex magazine.

The rest of 2010 and 2009 she had the ratty blonde hair. Sometimes it was gold blonde, other times it was bleach blonde, but it was never white gold platinum crystal angel like it is now.

The 2010-2009 blonde years were around the times of her Samantha Ronson phase slash her coke phase slash her DUI phase. So whenever I see LiLo with blonde hair my heart is warmed with images of white dust and ankle bracelets.

2008 was the last time we saw a red headed Lindsay. That year she went back and forth between bleach blonde and red head. But 2008 and the end of red hair and was basically the year Lindsay cracked. Goodbye was the little girl from "The Parent Trap," goodbye was the good natured nerd from "Mean Girls" who once wore a zombie costume when every other girl was dressed like a slut on Halloween.

2007 and earlier Lindsay went back and forth from brunette to orange to red head but never dabbled with blonde. Awww to be young and innocent.

If she's trying to hide her fire-crotch reputation, she's doing it well because Lindsay Lohan barely has hair anymore and no-one can make jokes about her va jay-jay because the more pressing issue is whether or not Lindsay will need hair plugs in 5 years.
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