Best Bags of the Spring/Summer 2013 Season

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Best Bags of the Spring/Summer 2013 Season
Though we love the wonderful gowns and shoes of Fashion Month as much as the next fashion site, our eyes always stray to the purses and clutches that accompany models down the runway. Oft-overlooked (unless they're made out of hula hoops a la Chanel; then they're never-overlooked), they're our favorite part of post-fashion week recaps. Here are our picks for the best bags of the S/S 2013 Season!

The Hole-y and Clear
Personally, I don't want the general public to ever be able to see all the crap I have rolling around in my bag, but as a bit of an artistic statement, the beehive cutout and clear studded bags at McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Valentino were stunning. Our favorite, though, was the hard crystal clutch at Stella McCartney. Just make sure to throw all of your embarrassing stuff into something opaque before leaving the house.

The Large and in Charge
It takes serious gall to wear something like the giant Chanel hoop beach bag Lagerfeld sent down the runway for spring, but that's sort of the point of fashion, isn't it? Pushing boundaries and whatnot. In any case, we're giving anyone caught wearing this monster outside a well-deserved high five.

The Backpack
Backpacks are acceptable wardrobe options again, and all we have to say to that is YAY! Versus did one in bright blue, and Hermes showed a surprisingly gorgeous leather pack. Hands free is the way to be!

The Bunny You can't not love Mandy Coon's's black textured leather bunny bag and be human. It was the cutest--and probably the most innovative--bag to walk down the by and large blase and sedate runways this season.

The Structured Mini Diane von Furstenberg and Carven both sent super-rigid structured bags down the catwalk, and we're loving them. Especially because they look like they took a little more thought than those $600 leather bodega bags.

The Queen of Hearts Because who doesn't need a little baroque in their lives? The swirls in this Ralph Lauren piece are stunning, though we could live without the initials.

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