From Karl to Linda: Stars Attend Chanel's Little Black Jacket Event

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From Karl to Linda: Stars Attend Chanel\'s Little Black Jacket Event
Karl Lagerfeld hosted Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket Event in New York last night and like any affair that has “Lagerfeld” and “Chanel” in the title, it attracted a bevy of celebrity and modelesque faces.

The exhibit features photos from the book of the same name, in which models and muses are seen wearing Chanel’s iconic black jacket.

It’s literally just a bunch of photos of people wearing the same outfit and of course, famous people are going to pour into the gallery and ohh-and-ahhh like they give a crap.

Oh also, there was a special video gallery featuring Yoko Ono dancing in her Little Black Jacket. Yoko? Really? Whatever.

Sadly none of the muses featured in the LBJ book showed up to the fete. Kanye West, Elizabeth Olsen, Ellie Fanning and Anna Wintour are just a tiny selection of the kinds of celebs that appeared in the pages of the book and on the walls of the exhibit, but didn’t come out last night.

However, famous faces like Pharrell Williams, Jessica Pare (“Mad Men”), Penn Badgley (“Gossip Girl”), Lily Collins, and Karolina Kurkova did show up to the opening.

Of the celebs, these are the only two worth noting.

Lily Collins wore an ivory Chanel sleeveless top and draped skirt. I think a tall amazon model-type could pull this off, but on Lily, she looked like she was wearing a diaper.

Linda Evangelista wore a black and white suit ensemble. At least, I think it was a suit? She paired a black blazer with a white skirt and some knee length riding boots that looked like white denim. She looked like a jockey.

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