Charlize Theron Selling Watches

June 9, 2011 By:

Charlize Theron announced she'll be working with Dior as the face of their Dior VIII watch collection. Perhaps the bigger story here is that people are still wearing watches.

"I didn’t even wear a watch for like ten years and only two years ago did I start wearing [one] again,” Theron said. “I really missed it as a piece of jewelry.”

Theron first signed on with Dior to represent their J'adore fragrace. She's come to consider the Dior fashion house "like family." Sure, if your family videotapes you walking sultrily down a hallway while you disrobe.

Charlize showed up to the New York launch of the watch line on Wednesday. The event was highlighting Theron's Africa Outreach Project.

"Since the birth of this project in 2007, [Dior] has been incredibly supportive," Theron explained.

The Dior VIII collection is named after Mr. Dior's favorite number. Feminine in design, Dior describes the watch as "timeless and bewitching."

And apparently, Theron could use one. Because she showed up a few minutes late to the very event she was hosting.

"I really make an effort to be on time," Theron defended herself. "I get an A for effort, I'll say that."

Theron showed up to the Soho event wearing a feathered bustier dress from—you guessed it—Dior. The dress was from Dior's Fall 2011 collection and Theron classed it up with a black Dior blazer.