Charlize Theron Shaves Her Head

June 11, 2012 By:

The stunning Charlize Theron has shaved her head! Strangely enough she still looks super gorgeous. Just like when Natalie Portman shaved her head for V for Vendetta and looked great. Or when Anne Hathaway buzzed her hair off for Les Miserables and still looked better than you do after a Brazilian blow-out.

Anyways, Charlize was photographed walking into a hair salon last Wednesday June 6, but hasn’t been seen without a hat on since.

It wasn’t until today that we could see beneath her grey fedora hat that her hair was shaved down. For a while we though her hair was just tucked up underneath her hats, but things got suspicious when she went to the gym with a beanie on. Sweating in the gym in California summer heat and wearing a beanie? We don’t buy it.

A rep for Charlize told People that she did indeed shave her head for her role as Furiosa in the upcoming movie “Mad Max: Fury Road.” And yes, it’s a remake of the Mel Gibson Mad Max film.

The flick will also star Tom Hardy (“The Dark Knight Rises”) and filming is set to begin next month.

She had a whole month and decided to go hairless so soon? Eh, to each her own.