Christian Louboutin Won't Give His Shoes As Gifts

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  I feel so bad for Christian Louboutin’s family. The most sought after shoes in the world are a pair of those iconic red soled heels and not even Christian Louboutin’s family gets free pairs. That sucks.

He says he wont give them as gifts because he says the recipients think he didn’t try hard enough, that gifting Louboutin’s is “too easy.” Who’s complaining? Who are these insane people that turn down free Louboutins?

“It depends on who it is but I never, or barely, give shoes to my family during the holidays. They're always like, 'Oh my God, you really took no effort to do that,' so I'm like, fair enough, you won't get any shoes,” says the designer. 

So if you complain that Christian just waltzed over to the office and pulled out a pair of shoes and stuck them in a box then you wont gets new heels for Christmas. Christian says he has to look like he made a huge effort when picking out gifts.

“So it's anything that I would personally get for my family, otherwise, they will think I called the office. So I make an effort to do something else."

Still lame. I wouldn’t complain.

So what does Christian ask for at Christmas? It can’t be heels. Unless, I dunno, maybe, I don’t know what he does or dresses up as when no-one is looking.

“I started running and biking so it would be something in accordance with those things. I also would want some good goggles because I like to swim and I always spend my Winter holidays in a place where I can swim."

Goggles? So NOT a fashion moment.

You know who wouldn’t mind getting some free Louboutin’s for Christmas? Blake Lively.

Blake says some of her shopping sprees involve her buying up 40 pairs of the designer heels at one time. She says, “it’s embarrassing [how many pairs I have].”

Blake attended the 20th anniversary of Louboutin’s company and the launch of his new book in New York earlier this week.

Mr. Louboutin himself also dished on what we can expect in fashion this season. He says that colored pumps with a LBD is very in.

“I would definitely go for colored shoes. Not necessarily brights, but a shoe with an element of color so it really pops. If you wear all black you should have this element, kind of like lipstick, to give a dash of color on your feet.”    
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