Christian Siriano Releases Spring/Summer Ad Campaign Starring Mena Suvari

February 1, 2012 By:
Christian Siriano Releases Spring/Summer Ad Campaign Starring Mena Suvari

Remember Christian Siriano? The feisty little designer on Project Runway who made phrases like “fierce” and “tranny” super popular? Well, he’s just released a video for his Spring/Summer 2012 campaign and it is fabulous.

This viral video stars actress Mena Suvari, frolicking around the SOHO Grand Hotel in a selection of beautiful dressed from Christian Siriano’s collection.

The video begins with Mena Suvari walking into an oldey timey restaurant dressed like New England elite. With a blazer draped over shoulders and a white pleated dress it’s a lovely throwback to the chic housewives of yesteryear.

She then rides an elevator that looks like it was built in the 1960’s as she wears a yellow “Joan from Mad Men” inspired look.

Then Suvari changes into an orange tulle gown that is kind of over the top but also kind of beautiful. She twirls and spins and frolics around the empty hotel restaurant.

She then changes into a casual evening gown with a long red skirt and a something that looks like a white cape. Her next look is a pale pink sheer gown and another yellow cocktail dress, before finishing in a yellow pleated floor length skirt with red striped bandeau that I’m kind of obsessed with.

From the neon colored dresses to the playful way Mena Suvari bounces around the hotel couches make this collection absolutely lovely. I must have it. I just must.