Christina Aguilera Admits: "I Don’t Like to Wear Underwear"

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Christina Aguilera Admits: \"I Don’t Like to Wear Underwear\"
Christina Aguilera clues us in on what we already always assumed for all these years: homegurl doesn’t like to wear underwear.

Here’s the full quote straight from the “Your Body” singer’s lips when she sat down (legs closed, thank god) with Chelsea Handler on the comedian’s nightly “Chelsea Lately” talk show: “I don’t like to wear underwear. I like to be as free as possible at all times. So you know, it’s just who I am…It’s empowering. It’s pussy power.”

Sing it, X-tina. While this just sounds like the kind of throwaway fortune cookie wisdom you’d expect from a carefree Sagittarius with a Snooki moon rising like Christina, her inspiring and so modest sense of self-confidence has a context, believe it or not.

Her fellow “The Voice” co-judge Blake Shelton appeared opposite Chelsea recently where the host accused the 31-year-old of never wearing underwear on the singing competition.

“I’ve heard all the shit Chelsea has talked about me not being a fan of wearing pants,” Christina said with a smirk. “So when they asked me to come on I though, ‘I’ll do it, if Chelsea does one thing for me…’” That one thing? Conduct their interview pant less.

“So come out Chelsea,” the singer said, introducing a pantsless fishnet clad Chelsea onto the stage. “Sexy mama! Stepping into my world,” Christina praised. To which Chelsea unintentionally articulated Christina’s entire life struggle, answering, “I feel like if I move in the wrong direction, something will pop out,” because no matter what Christina wears these days, her genies are not going back in that bottle.

The most surprising part of this whole “I don’t like to wear underwear” thing is how it’s made me all “I like Christina Aguilera” more because of it thing. Because, really, Christina officially does not care at this point.

She doesn’t care if you think her figure is all kinds of XL-tina on the bathroom scale and she doesn’t care if you snap a photo of her purchasing those rat’s nest of pink dyed extensions from the kiosk at the mall across from that Hot Dog on a Stick with the weird smell. She. Does. Not. Care. Can you imagine any other child pop star—Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson—making this comment and getting away with it? Shameless. Watch the interview on “Chelsea Lately” here:

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