Christina Aguilera Sizzles In New "Red Sin" Perfume Ad

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Christina Aguilera Sizzles In New \"Red Sin\" Perfume Ad
Christina Aguilera wants to put on spell on you.

In her new black and white fragrance, the singing bombshell writhes around in bed sheets and a bathtub to the song “I Put a Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins before spritzing the monochrome room into a red hue, finally exiting in a pair of sultry red high heels.

The perfume, called “Red Sin,” is a reference to the notes touched upon in the scent: red apple, cinnamon, cyclamen flowers, red ginger, musk and sandalwood. Spray some on and it should have bystanders singing along to Christina’s latest song too with a minor lyrical change (“All! I! Wanna! Do! Is smell your body! Ohhh, oh oh! Oh oh, oh oh! Ohhh, oh!)

It’s a new fragrance to follow in the trails of her others, Royal Desire and Secret Potion. The glass bottle is in an hour-glass shape covered with a dark pink flower pattern and topped with a slim black ribbon.

“Red Sin” is available as 30, 50, and 100 ml Eau de Parfum, shower gel, and body lotion…but only in Germany. Which explains why this ad is not in English.

The pop diva has been drawing some attention for her fuller figure lately, but this ad is speaking for itself (in German):

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