David Beckham Designing Old Fashion Long Johns

September 22, 2011 By:

David Beckham has already said that he is going to launch his own underwear collection early next year, but he just added to the announcement that he’s going to create designer long johns.

Long john underwear? As in the least sexy undergarment worn by grandpas and people who live in places where it snows? If you say so. But if anyone can make thermals sexy, David Beckham’s the man to do it.

“I sometimes wear them to go to sleep. They’re very cool.” Says David about the old fashioned underwear.

David decided to design his own underwear range after boosting sales of Emporio Armani underwear when he fronted the ad campaign for four years. He is being backed by his manager Simon Fuller and Stella McCartney’s husband, Alasdhair Willis.

David adds, “The underwear is totally my designs, things that I like to wear.”

The underwear line will launch in February of 2012, just in time for Valentines Day. How many women are going to be disappointed when their men strip down on Valentines Day to reveal that they are wearing long johns. Ugghhh. That’s like a man wearing leggings. Not sexy for anyone involved.

However, if you’ve seen David’s Armani underwear photos, you’ve glimpsed a taste of what we can expect from his own range. But David says, if you thought those Armani photos were sexy, prepare yourself for his new ads.

“The pictures are great. They are better. Of course you have to step it up a little bit. They are my own underwear so of course they are going to be better,” reveals David.

However, the collection wont be just long johns, he will also have traditional underwear pieces.

His wife, Victoria, who is a popstar turned legitimate fashion designer, will be heavily involved in the project.

A source adds, “David is 35 and knows he won’t be playing soccer forever. But he’s an icon for men all over the world and he wears pants like no one can – so it makes sense for him to launch his own.”

Naturally. Whenever I talk about David Beckham, it’s never about his soccer skill, his abs or his face. It’s always about how well David can wear a pair of pants. Dayummm boy, you rocking them skinnies.

The underwear range will be a collaboration with H&M and is billing itself as “bodywear” by David Beckham, which is a fancy way of saying tighty whities.

He announced in July, “I have had the idea of doing a bodywear collection for some time now. The push to do something of my own really came as a result of my collaboration with Armani.”

“This partnership with H&M is an important step in the evolution of David’s journey from sporting hero to entrepreneur and icon,” says David’s long-term business partner.

Whatever, soccer or underwear…As long as he’s only covering 1/3 of his body I think we’ll take Beckham however we can get it.