David Beckham Wants to Buy His Wife Elizabeth Taylor's Jewels

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Just when you thought David Beckham couldn’t get any more perfect, he wants to buy his wife some legendary jewels. Victoria Beckham was a saint in her past life.

Next month, Elizabeth Taylor’s $6 million diamond collection will be auctioned off, and David reportedly wants to buy them for his wife. This means one thing: women everywhere will be whining to their boyfriends: “How come you never buy me Elizabeth Taylor jewelry?”

A source says:

“David’s been so happy since Harper was born, he feels like him and Victoria are falling in love all over again. He wants to show it with the most impressive gifts possible.”

For most of us, that means a trip to Santa Barbara and maybe a steak dinner, if Groupon is offering one. When your last name is Beckham, that means swimming in diamonds.

Auction house Christie’s are set to sell the jewels in December, and all proceeds from the sale will go to Taylor’s charity, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. So not only is he going to be romantic, he’s going to be charitable, too.

Since the birth of their fourth child, the Beckhams are apparently feeling like newlyweds.

“Harper's brought out David's softer side again, all the romance has come flooding back. It's like that little girl has just flipped a switch in David's brain and he's more in love with his wife than ever,” a source says.

So what’s he been doing?

“He's been cooking romantic dinners for Victoria - something he hasn't done since they were married. He orders a pizza for the boys and then sends them to their rooms as he cooks. He goes all out with candles and red wine. He even puts on music. He'll do it on a random weeknight, just out of the blue, to surprise her.”

If I were a dude, I’d be so pissed right now. Because David Beckham is setting the bar pretty damn high.

David recently showed off his comedic side for a skit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In an effort to sell his inexpensive fragrance, David Beckham disguised himself as a Target employee and approached customers at the store. He sprayed the cologne and asked customers what they thought. When one lady said she liked David Beckham and that he looked like him, undercover Becks replied: “I wish I looked like him.”

“I am not David Beckham, stop spreading rumors,” he told the woman.
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