Jane Lynch Stuns in Four Different Emmy Gowns

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Jane Lynch Stuns in Four Different Emmy Gowns
Usually when Jane Lynch wears a dress, something about it just doesn't seem right. Mostly because if you close one eye she kind of looks like a really tall Ellen Degeneres combined with the fact that Lynch only ever wears a red track suit on Glee. Moral of the Story: Jane Lynch usually doesn't dazzle in dresses, except for last night at the Emmy's.

Jane Lynch did a really good job as a host of the show last night AND she stunned in 4 different David Meister gowns that worked perfectly for her super tall frame.

She walked the red carpet in a custom strapless plum colored evening gown in chiffon. The dress made her tall body look slender and demure, rather than "man tall" or like a "stilt walker," which is what I'm assuming they (the blogs?) say about tall women.

Then Jane Lynch changed into her show wardrobe, which I like to refer to as her "Metallic Period." Every dress she wore in the show was shiny, but it worked. She's a funny lady hosting a huge show, so why not go all out. Bring in the Lamé!

She opened the show in a song and dance number wearing a floor length pewter colored tissue Lamé gown with keyhole. Then she changed into a rose jacquard gown with front crossing straps. Then she changed into another shiny halter dress that was metallic sage in color.

The designer, David Meister joked that when he and Lynch began designing the dresses they both agreed on one thing. "No Pantsuits" says the designer.

"I wanted to keep it simple, yet glamorous and sexy, because everyone expects a pantsuit."

Of course everyone would have expected a pantsuit, but how cool would it have been if Jane Lynch wore a Lamé pantsuit. A metallic tracksuit with Swarovski crystal zippers, c'mon that's TV gold!

Meister said he tried to create "nontraditional gowns" for the Emmy host. But in general, Meister says Lynch was such a perfect client, "The reason I really love her is that she is so organized. We started working on this nine weeks ago. We had our fittings by the end of August and this past week we just did little tweaks. That never happens!"

Lynch trusted that Meister would create her the perfect gowns and just let him do his thing. I guess when you wear track suits professionally and have a surfer-dude haircut, there's nowhere to go but up. Everything is an upgrade.

"She was so cool to work with," says Meister, "Very laid-back and very funny and very open."

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