Jonah Hill's Disappearing Act

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Jonah Hill\'s Disappearing Act
Jonah Hill finally found his way out of the fat man that swallowed him.

Hill showed up to Wednesday night's ESPY Awards showing off his new, slim physique. The actor has had to lose weight for his new role in 21 Jump Street.

"It's not fun," Hill said of his weight loss. "I wouldn't say it's the most fun endeavor I've ever took on in my life—but it's important. And I'm enjoying it. If I eat something unhealthy now, I kind of feel a little weird and my body hurts."

He looks great. The only problem is, in his next comedic role, everyone's going to realize 90% of what made Jonah Hill funny was the fact that he was fat. Sorry, but it's true. A fat guy saying, "The best kinds of foods are shaped like d-cks" is just a lot funnier than a skinny guy saying it.

Hills stars in 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum.

"It's a comedy with really cool action. We're not doing something serious like Miami Vice," he says. "It's a funny movie with a lot of great action and a real story."

And weight wasn't the only thing Hill shed when he showed up to the ESPYs. He's also shaved off his curly signature locks.

I mean, losing weight and changing up your hair is good, but Jonah Hill is barely recognizable. He went from looking like the quirky kid from Superbad to looking like a guy that should be selling me a car.
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