Dolce & Gabbana Uses Real Men In Runway Show

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Dolce & Gabbana brags that they use “real men” in their Milan Fashion Week Shows. As opposed to what? The robot men used in the other fashion shows?

When they say real men, the meant that they didn’t hire male models, instead they plucked 73 Sicilian men and boys aged 12-43 off the streets and dropped them onto the runway.

To be fair, these “real men” are bizarrely Adonis stricken men with better-than-average bone structure. Also, they all knew how to strut down a catwalk?

The fashion brand boasted that they picked regular guys with normal occupations like students, house painters, barbers and waiters, but I can’t help but think that some of them are secret wannabee models. I don’t know if Italy is like Los Angeles, but if someone is a waiter in this town, it usually means that they are an actor/model.

It was an unusual choice for Dolce & Gabbana who said, “We wanted to put our clothes on real men because fashion should be for real people.”

The collection featured a lot of stripes, wool, linen, straight-legged trousers, and button down tops. The whole collection had a very 1950’s inspired collection. It gave off a vintage seaside feel, like the precursor to the modern day prepster.

The finale featured every single “model” wearing dark suits and white jackets.

The runway show also featured a live band standing onstage in traditional Sicilian costumes.
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