Milan Fashion Week: Versace Fall 2012

February 29, 2012 By:

Donatella Versace hit the right notes with her stylish and moody Fall 2012 collection for Versace.

The collection was dark, heavy, romantic and gothic; full of leather, velour, studs and religious iconography. The models marched down the catwalk in velvet coats, halter dresses, lots of above-the-knee slinky dresses, throat-tight coat dresses and corsets that looked like a coat of armor.

The models stomped down the runway styled with high bangs that the hairstylist calls the fugly fringe and barely there eyebrows. It created for a goth-meets-alien look.

When color appeared on the runway it was few and far between. There were occasional splashes of bright yellow and orange. I guess if you’re gonna go big, go big.

The collection began as dark and moody but slowly morphed into more glittering champagne colored gowns and one-sleeved sequined minidresses that were super fun and flirty.

There were also a few colorful dresses covered in the Versace logo in bold graphic lettering, because you know Versace has to throw in one or two of their more tacky designs sometimes. A Versace collection just isn’t right without something that spells “Versace” across the bust. How will anyone know what you’re wearing otherwise?