Celebs Reveal Their Tips to Keep Off the Holiday Pounds

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Celebs Reveal Their Tips to Keep Off the Holiday Pounds
The Holiday season means lots of Holiday parties, which means lots of food, which means lots of lbs. Before you stop yourself from enjoying that 7th slice of fruit cake (Go ahead, no-one's judging you) just do what the celebrities do! Hollyscoop got the scoop from tons of stars on how they keep off that extra Holiday weight off.

Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough obviously has a great bod, but says it's about training yourself to not want bad food and actually enjoying working out that keeps his body in check.

"It’s habit, it’s conditioning yourself to eat well and then you don’t crave bad things," says Hough, "I have a pretty good diet, I enjoy eating. I still eat you know cakes and sugars and popcorns, I love popcorn but I definitely enjoy working out and breaking a sweat everyday."

Well, I never want to condition myself to stop eating anything that is bad for me, otherwise the Holidays are just a series of events that I have to bring presents to. Boring.

Hangover II star Jamie Chung does fun work-outs in order to stay in shape during the Holidays, "Just make it a fun family activity," says Chung "Like I go hiking with my parents whenever I’m back home so that keeps the weight off.

Obviously a Victoria's Secret Model would know how to stay slim during the Holidays.

"[It's] about moderation so you should not eat too much of everything. You have to eat little bits and try to eat greens with everything," says VS Model Doutzen Kroes.

Even with that advice she ads, "it’s sweets, candies. I think you can’t be healthy during the holidays, no way."

Pop star and actress Sophie Monk says she doesn't bother watching her weight, she just waits until after the Holidays,

"That’s when I relax, and then I work my ass off for two weeks before I go back to work" says Monk.

LA Laker Devon Ebanks, must know how to stay in shape since he's expected to play basketball this whole month.

"It depends, if you’re stuffing your face around the holidays you might want to slow down on that. The holidays [are a] good time to eat, just slow down on that and always work out as well," says Ebanks. Easier said than done.

No matter how you slice it, the cake that is, it's hard to avoid getting a holiday muffin top this month. Just watch what you eat and make it a New Years resolution to hit the treadmill. And if that doesn't work, there's always next year.
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