Elle Macpherson On How She Keeps "The Body"

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Elle Macpherson On How She Keeps \"The Body\"
Can you believe that Elle Macpherson is 48 years old? I know, I feel like I need to be on a juice cleanse for the rest of my life now. Anyways, the super model and mother of two has been famously dubbed “The Body,” covers the 20th anniversary issue of Fitness magazine.

So how do you keep up a nickname like “The Body” for so many years?

“I do an hour of some kind of physical activity every day,” says Elle, “I mix it up. If I’m in the mountains, I ski. If I’m near water, I swim. I might do a yoga or spinning class. I also take my running shoes and an iPod with me wherever I go. Running is not only a really effective way to stay fit, but it’s also a sort of moving meditation.”

So that’s what she physically does to stay in shape, but Elle says looking beautiful is all in your head.

“My motivation is feeling joyful, inspired, passionate, patient, strong, and healthy,” says Elle, “That’s more important to me than hitting X number of pounds on the scale, and it’s what drives what I eat and how I work out.”

Elle is the new host of reality series, “Fashion Star,” but says making money means nothing to her, “I don’t see a sport as something I have to do to be thin, the same way I don’t see my business as something I have to do to make money.”

So she thinks working out is fun? She doesn’t work for money? And she just feels “healthy” and somehow the pounds come off? Elle Macpherson is a robot.

So what does Elle do when she’s lounging around the house and just absolutely doesn’t want to put in her 1 hour a day of aerobic activity?

“I ask myself, Will I feel better or worse after doing a sport? I can’t ever remember doing something physical and feeling worse.”
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