Elle Macpherson Shares Her Diet and Workout Secrets

January 16, 2012 By:

Yesterday at the Golden Globes, one of the first celebs to make her way down the red carpet was supermodel Elle Macpherson.

While most people were saying, who the heck is Elle Macpherson?, others were talking about her intense red carpet style like “Is that a wedding dress?” and “that lady is tall!”

When our sister site Hollyscoop spoke to her at the NBC Universal's 69th Annual Golden Globes After Party Sponsored By Chrysler And Hilton party about her red carpet secrets she simply told said, "You know I think the most important thing is that you feel good so smile, be happy, spend time with people you love, do what you love, love what you do, that helps."

That definitely helps!

Elle will soon become “the next” Heidi Klum as the host of Fashion Star on NBC in March, so let’s get to know the new TV star. Having been lauded by many in the fashion world as “The Body,” how does 47-year-old Macpherson do it?

“Listen, have fun,” she says on her workout rules, “Do lots of sport. Don’t worry about your silhouette, worry about how you feel. That’s what I say to myself: ‘How do I feel today?” she tells People mag at the Golden Globes.

While most of Hollywood likes to get in shape with Pilates, Barre method or other trendy “LA” workout techniques, Macpherson gets in shape old-school style.

“I do sport because I love it,” she says, “I’m Australian, and I have an outdoor life. And maybe that’s what people see. I surf, I snow ski, I water ski, I ride a horse, I hike, I paddleboard,” she admits.

Fun fact: That description can also double for Macpherson’s Match.com bio. She’s currently seeking an “outdoorsy type.”

However, despite her active lifestyle, she doesn’t obsess over food. “I had chicken fingers and fries at lunch. I was so hungry. You can check my room service bill.”