Emma Stone's Weird Beauty Secret Revealed

January 20, 2012 By:

Emma Stone seems like a cool person, she’s not very high maintenance, she doesn’t show up to the gym in stilettos of make-up, so when I hear that Emma Stone has a “beauty secret” I’m expecting it to be that she rubs her face in egg yolk or something weird and low-maintenance like that. And yeah, that’s kind of exactly what she does.

Stone doesn’t splurge on expensive moisturizer, but instead uses stuff out of her kitchen.

“Not to brag, but I have a lot of allergies. I’m seriously allergic to everything,” she tells Style.com, “So I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store on my face as moisturizer. After the shower, I pat it on, and then I’ll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like a grape all the time.”

Grapeseed oil is $5 at the supermarket, so unlike other celebs who put crushed diamonds on their skin (I’m sure some of them do!) Emma just throws grapeseed oil on her face.

However, she does have one expensive splurge. Perfume.

“The one scent I keep by my bed is Gardenia by Chanel, but Chanel’s Chance is probably my all-time favorite,” says Stone.

And who says that Chanel is an old ladies brand! Emma Stone as the new face of Chanel! I’m starting the petition now!

“I feel like you have to be ballsy to wear fragrance,” she says, “It’s like, I know that I like this smell, but maybe other people don’t like it.”