Emma Watson: My Style is Boring

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She may dazzle on the red carpets, have an awesomely chic pixie hair cut, and models for Lancome, but Emma Watson thinks her fashion since is a “bit boring.”

“My problem is that I am a little bit boring. I don’t wear designer bags or big sunglasses,” the 21-year-old actress tells French Elle.

Now, I’m no fashion expert but when did boring mean not wearing large enough sunglasses? However, with that logic, Victoria Beckham must be the most exciting person ever because her sunglasses are hugeee!

Emma Watson says she likes to keep her style on the safe and boring side, because she doesn’t want to get noticed by fans.

“When I don’t have to play Emma Watson in public, I’d rater not put myself ‘out there,’ I have to be more careful with my look in my everyday life,” she says.

Even though she thinks her fashion sense is low-key and “boring” she thanks her Harry Potter alter-ego Hermione for her sense of style. So is her style boring or wizard like? Let me reiterate that nothing in this interview makes sense.

“I have Hermione to thank, in a weird way, for my sense of style. Playing this role, fashion was my way of expressing myself away from that school uniform.”

Yeah, that Harry Potter uniform was not exactly chic, a cape and an ascot? No thank you.

When her 11-year stint in the Harry Potter films was finally over she got to experiment with fashion.

“When I got the chance to dress myself, I was so thrilled to be able to be Emma and show a different side of myself. I mean, I just wasn’t allowed to do anything [on the Harry Potter sets]. I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair, put on nail varnish, tan, wear a bra that made my boobs in any way look larger, have any flesh showing, wear any makeup when I was playing Hermione.”
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