Eva Mendes' Fashion Obsession: Floral House Dresses

May 27, 2011 By:

Eva Mendes is prepping for a new role in the re-make of “Little House on the Prairie.” No? Being added as an extra wife on “Big Love?” Going to lunch with the Duggar family?

Nope, none of the above. Eva Mendez just loves to wear this, “I’m all about little house dresses.”

Mendez steps out for some coffee wearing drapes she bought in 1993. She says she loves to incorporate comfort into her style and that she loves little house dresses because it’s something her mom would have worn.

Your mom probably also wore beaded suede vests and neon bell-bottoms at some point in her life, doesn’t mean you need to wear it also.

At least Mendez is no diva. She likes low-maintenance dresses and she says she feels “most beautiful in bed, in the morning, tousled hair and a blanket.”

Oh yeah, totally agree with her, ‘specially after I take out my retainer.

However, if you are one of the PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful of 2011 and the new face of Pantene then you can get away with wearing a floral print tea party dress.