Condoleeza Makes Modeling Debut for NFL

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The NFL’s ad campaigns are usually full of sweat and sports drinks, which is fine, because it’s football. But the NFL ad team decided to target the more delicate gender this year with a campaign called “It’s My Team.”

They’re not using supermodels or cheerleaders, as you may expect—their 20 spokesmodels include Serena Williams (Miami Dolphins), Condoleezza Rice (Cleveland Browns) and Melania Trump (New York Jets).

The ads are for NFL team gear for the ladies that’s actually made for the ladies. That doesn’t mean it’s pink and covered in sparkles or a children’s small. It’s team wear that’s cut and made for grown-up football loving women.

Serana wears her Dolphins tee with a Nike sweat jacket, Melania dresses up her Jets longleeved tee with a ton of jewelry, and Condoleezza pairs her Browns uniform tee with an orange scarf and a very professional beige trench. Kym Johnson (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Peta Murgatroyd (Green Bay Packers) of Dancing With the Stars model the new duds with fringed, ballroom dancey skirts.

As women make up 45% of the fan base of the NFL, it’s about freaking time they create an actual line for us. I’m glad they did the campaign right, too—their previous campaign, “Fit For You,” was on the right track but still reminded lots of people of those “Strong Enough For a Man, Made For a Woman” deodorant commercials.
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