Daniel Craig's Studly Bond Fashions: "Skyfall" Costume Designer Spills All

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Daniel Craig\'s Studly Bond Fashions: \"Skyfall\" Costume Designer Spills All
More than just the sky is falling in the next James Bond picture. So is Daniel Craig's pants, apparently.

But that’s for British costume designers eyes only. The 007 costume designer of Skyfall Jany Temime told E! that “Daniel looks fantastic in his underwear, but that is not the point.”

She’s right. While the secret agent does tend to get a bit bare with his female co-stars in every movie, looks can be deceiving. The real costume centerpieces of Mr. Bond are his GQ suits and tailoring.

"You could put a garbage bag on him and he will look good, that is true," Temime said. "But Bond is a very powerful man and he's serving the Queen. He's a legend.” We’re not arguing.

As for what makes the Ian Fleming character so debonair, Temime chalks it up to the following five reasons:

1. Tom Ford – the American fashion figure is the official designer for the British Secret Service agent, who worked closely with Temime, to create looks that had a “slim fit, slightly ‘60s with a small lapel, very body-conscious.”

2. Handmade everything – Tom also handpicked the tailors, all Italian artisans. If it’s good enough for Tom, it’s damn good enough for Bond.

3. Bulletproof fabrics – well, not literally, but in the magical movie world that centers around 007, the suits are always somehow indestructible, even though Daniel is caught in the middle of AK-47 firestorms and exploding vessels of every type.

4. Six simple suits – Bond keeps things simple (have you ever heard him order a drink?) which is why the production constructed 20 to 60 replicas of suits from six different templates. It also helps accommodate the elaborate stuntwork and body doubles.

5. A Bond Girl makes for the best accessory – Remember Naomie Harris’ and Berenice Marlohe’s names, who’ll appear as the next Bond Girls in the upcoming installment, because they’ll be the talk of the red carpet when Skyfall premieres. “[Naomie] has the most beautiful bottom in the world. I mean, like two apples,” Temime said. Noted. “[Berenice] has lips and a waist and is very curvaceous. It’s a very sexy body. My inspiration for her was the style of the cinema of 1950s film noir, something avant-garde and also a classical beauty.” Doubly noted.

Photo Credit: Francois Duhamel/Columbia
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