Fashion Blog Uses "Dark Knight" Tragedy To Sell Dresses

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UPDATE: After website Celeb Boutique pissed off the fashion world (and the rest of the world, while we’re at it) the website deleted the offensive tweet and apologized on their twitter account, claiming that they aren’t a US brand and had no idea why Aurora was trending.

“We didn’t check what the trend was about hence the confusion, again we do apologise…Social media was totally UNAWARE of the situation and simply thought it was another trending tropic – we have removed the very insensitive tweet and will of course take more care in future to look into what we say in our tweets. Again we do apologize for any offense caused.”

In what might be the most tasteless thing to happen today, an online shopping network, which manufactures and sells “celebrity inspired” clothing, has taken advantage of the The Dark Knight Rises movie-theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado to sell their “Aurora” dress.

Because #Aurora is trending, the clothing brand decided to piggyback on the hashtag and pimp out their dress of the same name.

A very tacky move by the e-commerce site who tweeted, “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;)” and then linked to a white dress called “Aurora” that was evidently inspired by a dress Kim Kardashian once wore.

In case you weren’t aware, the town of Aurora, Colorado is trending because it’s the location of the movie-theater shootout last night. It’s the biggest news in the U.S. right now and now this small-time shopping site is trying to use the “popularity” of the tragic news story to sell dresses.

Even better yet, Kim Kardashian’s name is attached to this poor marketing move.

Say what you want about Kim K, but I doubt she wants to be affiliated with this tasteless tweet. So far, Kim hasn’t tweeted anything about the fashion snafu. The dress is being described as a “goddess worthy look with our ‘Aurora’ White Pleated V Neck Strong Shoulder Dress. The super sexy V neck cut, combined with the bust enhancing pleats and slight power shoulder shape and the curve enhancing tight fit created the ultimate LWD.”

Capitalizing on a hashtag about on a shooting where 12 innocent bystanders have died just to sell a “bust enhancing” dress is a pretty low blow.
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