Halloween Experts Tell You How to Have a DIY Halloween Costume

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Halloween Experts Tell You How to Have a DIY Halloween Costume
Bing has teamed up with celebrity stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn to help you style the perfect Halloween costume this year. Before these two were doling out advice on how to dress like a vampire this weekend, these two are the go-to stylists for stars like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

These Bing Halloween Experts have answered our questions about how to achieve the perfect DIY Halloween look. These Halloween Experts give their advice on how to piece together a costume from items you might already have at home.

Hollyscoop: How to get the perfect Nicki Minaj Halloween costume?

Bing Halloween: Nicki has really blown up lately and is the perfect costume to impress your friends with! She loves to have fun with her costumes and so should you. Nicki always wears bright colors and lots of jewelry! Pair with a crazy patterned legging and some sexy high shoes. Top it off with a colored wig! We suggest even layering two different length bright wigs to really give you the Nicki look!

Hollyscoop: What do we need to pull of a Katy Perry costume?

Bing Halloween: There is an amazing pink "Katy" wig on Bing Shopping. It even comes with a purple hair heart. Wearing lots of color and patterns. But stick to either a bright or pastel color pallet. Glue some broaches or earrings to a pair of sunglasses. It’s every girls teenage dream!

Hollyscoop: How do I wear a sexy Halloween costume without getting too cold?

Bing Halloween: October is a chilly month! Wear tights under your costume! It'll still keep it sexy without showing too much skin.

Hollyscoop: How much make-up is too much make-up?

Bing Halloween: This is the one time of the year that you can go wild and crazy on your makeup! Go for it!

Hollyscoop: What's the best costume idea for a guy?

Bing Halloween: Edward Cullen from Twilight is a costume most guys from home can pull out of their closet. Wool pea coat, tee, sunglasses and jeans. And don't forget the white glitter face paint.

Hollyscoop: I don't have time to make a costume, should I just buy a packaged Halloween costume?

Bing Halloween: There are some great packaged costumes, but we advise trying to make your own costume out of stuff you have at home! There are so many fun, easy and inexpensive costumes that you can pull straight from your closet! This will allow you to be way more creative and have so much fun! Plus way more affordable.

For more DIY Halloween costume tips and tricks, check out BingHalloween.com
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