"Fashion Star" Loses Elle Macpherson and H&M for Season 2

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\"Fashion Star\" Loses Elle Macpherson and H&M for Season 2
After a relatively successful first season, they are shaking things up over on “Fashion Star.”

Elle Macpherson is leaving her hosting position and apparently H&M has pulled out as one of their three retailers.

No real word on why Macpherson doesn’t want to host, but she is staying on as executive producer and mentioned something about wanting to expand the brand globally.

“I have been involved with “Fashion Star” from the beginning, and am very proud to see it come to life, not only in America but globally,” said the model in a statement, “The show is in great hands, and although I will not be hosting this season, I will still be very involved as executive producer where we will be reviewing the format for the upcoming season. Moving forward, I’ll be focusing on building the Fashion Star brand in the international market and pursuing various other producing projects close to my heart.”

As for H&M, they sold out the winning clothes week after week, but decided to pull out of the show, giving this Dear. John letter on why they left the show.

“We have decided not to participate in the second season. It was exciting to work with all of the talented people involved including the designers whose winning clothes sold out weekly. We wish ‘Fashion Star’ success and will be sure to tune it for season two.”

The show got underwhelming ratings for a network show, but the clothes sold out at every retailer. However, have we heard any news about the winner? What’s her name? Oh yeah, Kara Laricks.

What do you think? Did you watch “Fashion Star?” Who do you think should replace Elle Macpherson?
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