Steve Jobs's Signature Style: Black Turtleneck

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Steve Jobs\'s Signature Style: Black Turtleneck
Steve Jobs just resigned as Apple's CEO, but one thing he'll never retire is his iconic black turtleneck.

Even when Steve Jobs was a semi attract computer geek in the 70's he was wearing turtlenecks. But back then it was cool and beatnic-like, now it's like he hired Mr. Rogers as his stylist.

You would think that one of the greatest innovators in consumer computer products could figure out how to wear…I dunno… a button down or a polo shirt every once in a while, but no, until Steve Jobs creates the iWardrobe, he will forever wear the black turtle neck tucked in to a pair of Levi's 501s.

While most men would argue that a black turtleneck worn daily screams "How to never get laid," Jobs has turned into a nerd sartorial icon. When Steve Jobs fans found out that one of the brands that makes his iconic black turtleneck is a brand called VONROSEN, the company was flooded with orders. Sometimes Jobs wears a crew neck black turtleneck. Other times he wears a zip-up neck. Once I even saw him wear a white turtleneck. Gasp!

Steve Jobs isn't the only celeb with a distinct style.

Simon Cowell: Simon Cowell only ever wears t-shirts. Specifically v-necks and only in black, white or grey. Have you ever seen Simon Cowell in a button down shirt? Doesn't it weird you out when that happens? Seeing Cowell in anything other than a white v-neck, makes my body itch and I get the same sense of dread that comes from watching horror films about talking dolls. Simon appeared on every season of American Idol in a v-neck, just low enough so some gross tufts of chest hair were exposed. When he needs to be fancy, he throws a blazer over a v-neck and when it's time for bed he changes out of a black v-neck and into a white v-neck.

Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby is known for his ridiculous patterned knitted sweaters that he mainly wore on the Cosby Show. Basically, a true Bill Cosby sweater is one that has several different patterns that appear to all be competing for the same space on the sweater. Having many contrasting colors that don't go together is also a sign of a Cosby sweater. If you can vomit fruit pebbles onto a sweater, that will look the same as one of Cosby's pullovers.

MC Hammer: MC Hammer made the harem pants a fashion icon. But it's also all he ever wore. The "harem" pant is basically an adult diaper with legs. Lately harem pants have kind of come back in style and by back in style I mean, I saw them hanging on a rack at Forever 21. MC Hammer's pants were so ridiculous it was kind of like he got lost trying to put on a kilt.

Jack Nicholson: Have you ever seen the whites of Jack Nicholson's eyes? No, because he's rarely seen without his sunglasses on. Nicholson goes everywhere with his shades on. Inside, outside, premieres, bathing, sleeping. No matter where he's at, he's got a pair of Ray Ban wayfarer's on. Sometimes he wears wrap around shades, sometimes he wears those weird yellow ones that change from reading glasses to sunglasses when the light changes. No matter the occasion, Jack is wearing some shades.
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