Gisele Bundchen is the New Face of Givenchy

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The worlds most expensive supermodel Gisele Bundchen is confirmed as the new face of Givenchy. Bundchen is taking over the modeling duties from former face of the French fashion house, Mariacarla Boscono.

The new ads feature Bundchen in a "mermaid themed" photo shoot. A source describes the new campaign as "the expression of a love story between a surfer and a mermaid." Ahhh the age old tale of surfers falling in love with mermaids. Except in the new images, Bundchen is flanked by two male models (I don't know what kind of freaky love-story they are trying to evoke) and giant black surfboards because that is so high-fashion.

Bundchen and the male models pose on the beach against a black truck with a black labrador. Bundchen is wearing a bondage inspired black leather mini dress and stilettos, because both of those things are appropriate beach wear.

The whole campaign is like gothic beach party. Like, Hey it's super cold out, let's put on our most expensive cocktail dress and head out towards the stormy waters!

Women's Wear Daily is reporting that former Givenchy face and the brands long-time muse will join Bundchen in the future campaign images.

In other Gisele Bundchen news, earlier this year she was named by Forbes as the top earning model for the seventh year in a row. This last year she earned $45 million. To put that into perspective she makes more money than Jay-Z. She makes four times as much as Britney Spears, and she makes almost as much as Johnny Depp.
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